Leja counting chamber (Neubauer)

The Leja counting chamber is characterized by the distance between the slide and the cover glass which is exactly 100 µm. (Thickness of the cover glass: 0,44 mm)

Product description Product code Unit
Leja counting chamber 100 micron 2 chambers SC 100-01-02-A 1 unit = 25 piece
counting grid in ocular SC 100-01-02-B 1 unit = 25 piece

Product facts and notices

The counting grid is built by 3 x 3 so called large squares of an expanse of 1 mm2 reach. For the counting of spermatozoa the center large square is to be used. This square is built by 5 x 5 group squares. Each group square has an expanse of 0,04 mm2 and a volume of 4 µm3.

The group squares are enframed by three lines each. The middle one of these lines is the demarcation of the group squares. The group squares are subdivided into 4 x 4 mini squares with an expanse of 0,0025 mm2 each.

Spermcounting example

  • When counting 250 sperms in 5 group squares, that matches 250 sperms in a total volume of 5 x 4 µm = 20 µm3.
  • According to that you have 250 sperms in 1 µm3/ 20 µm3 = 12,5 Sperms.

Conversion to Mio./ml:
12,5 sperms/µm3
= 12.500 sperms/mm3
= 12.500.000 sperms/cm3
= 12,5 x 106 sperms/ml
= 12,5 Mio. sperms/ml

Calculation formula:


SPgez. x Verd.

AGQ x TK x GPgez


SPgez. x Verd.

VGQ x GPgez.

= Spermien/µl

Conversion to Mio./ml using factor 1000

SPgez. = total sperms counted
Verd. = factor of dilution
AGQ = expanse of a group square in mm2
TK = depth of the chamber in mm
GPgez. = number of counted group squares
VGQ = volume of a group square