Accu-Beads® is a quality product for the control of manual sperm count.

Also at Makler- or Neubauer Chambers the exact filling volume cannot be granted over the years.

By and by this volume is getting larger and the probability of the correct count of sperm concentration is reducing.

In compliance with the CLIA-Directives (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment), Gynemed is offering a test – Accu-Beads® – to control this.

The Accu-Beads® solution consists of small latex beads (4 µm diameter) which are situated in a special fluid.
The physical features of this fluid allow the beads to float freely within it and moreover support an equal diffusion of the beads which on their part act like sperms.

Accu-Beads® were originally developed for the control of the computer associated sperm count method (CASA).

They are however recommended also for the confirmation of manual sperm count methods and in accredited laboratories, their application is obligatory.

The Accu-Beads® are available as a kit with two solutions each of different concentration (18 M/ml, 35 M/ml) or with three solutions each of different concentration (3 M/ml, 18 M/ml, 35 M/ml).

The application of these Accu-Beads® – solutions is executed in the andrologic laboratory in the same way as the classic procedure for an ejaculate to be analysed.

This quality controlling procedure should be executed every day before compilation like this also according to the US-American standard.

Like this, every discrepancy from the set point is identified and can be rectified beforehand.

Product description Product code Unit
Accu-Beads® Double Pack HT710110 1 x 5 ml (18 M/ml) 1 x 5 ml (35 M/ml)
Accu-Beads® Triple Pack HT710111 1 x 5 ml (3 M/ml) 1 x 5 ml (18 M/ml) 1 x 5 ml (35 M/ml)