Semen Leukocyte Test

Product description Product code Unit Shelf life
SemenLeu Reagenz 1/2 ZR103020 1 x 20 ml Reagenz 1 and 1 ml Reagenz 2 Shelf life is 24 months from time of manufacture if the product are storde at 2-8°C.

Product facts and notices

By using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) peroxidase-positive leukocytes (neutrophils polymorphic granulocytes) can be stained yellow to brown. Other cells (sperm, lymphocytes, monocytes, macrophages and multinucleated spermatids) remain unstained (peroxidase-negative). With this kit the seminal fluid is treated with the reagents 1 and 2 in which only peroxidase stainpositive cells remain brown. These cells can be identified with a phase contrast microscope.



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