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26 May 2017

Law on Register of Sperm Donors Is Being Discussed

Even if the assessors of the health select committee of the German Bundestag principally agreed to the bill regarding setting up a central register for sperm donors during a conference in March, they postulated  changes.

In German legal words it is called „Gesetz zur Regelung des Rechtes auf Kenntnis der Abstammung bei heterologer Verwendung von Samen“ ("Law regulating the right of knowing the ancestry regarding the heterologous usage of semen"). A register for sperm donorst at the "Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information" (DIMDI) is designated for this purpose.

All data regarding sperm donors and receipients shall be stored for a period of 110 years. All persons having been procreated from a sperm donation and/or a by an artificial fertilization shall have the right for disclosure of the identity of the donor when they are 16 years of age or older.

The representatives demanded to reduce the age to 14 years. Furthermor all currently present data should be added, embryo donations should be added and private sperm donations should be added as well. To which extent the ascertation of paternit by jurisdiction of the biological father as the genetical father will be included is being discussed.

In a statement the German Medical Association pointed out that a systematic regulation of reproductive techniques by a new Reproductive Medicine Act was long overdue. Furthermor a lot of sociopolitic questions and questions regarding family law are not being dealt with in this bill.


Source: German Medical Association





15 May 2017

Hands-On Workshop: Vitrification
On June 26'th we will be holding a workshop on vitrification at IVI in Valencia together with Kitazato. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your participation.
Costs of the workshop will be covered by us.




figure 1
figure 2

15 May 2017

Incubator Integrated Into Laminar Flow Cabinet

Manufacturer IVF-Tech as of late offers an incubator run with pre-mixed gas for their laminar flow cabinets. This flush fitted incubator offers the following advantages:

  • the incubator is flush fitted into your workarea (s. fig. 1)
  • bottom as well as the lid of the chamber are heated and individually adjustable regarding the temperature
  • temperature display of both heatings in the lid
  • fast regeneration of gas concentrations
  • room for 4x 4-well dishes or 4x 60 mm culture-dishes (s. fig. 2)
  • due to mix-gas O2-reduction is adjustable



02 May 2017

Information for Business Partners of GYNEMED






02 May 2017


in the current issue of the Gynemedia we focus on the question "processing of instruments vs. single use sets in IVF clinics?" and are discussing this topic with Dr. Bauer from the IVF-centre in Augsburg.

Subsequently we concluded the current publication by S. Munné on the topic if euploidy of embryos during oocyte-donor-cycles are impacted by external factors.

Furthermore we are informing you that the CE-certified disinfectant by Sparmed we already announced is available as of now.

Finally we are giving you a very interesting insight to "successful" strategies in wildlife regarding reproduction and the fight to survive...read more








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