Probet – Endometrial Histology

The Probet is an endometrial suction curette for a histologic lining biopsy.


  • Double headed piston secures a steady vacuum
  • Tissue collection through side hole
  • Smooth rounded distal tip and small size for minimal patient discomfort
  • Depth markings for ease in locating depth of insertion in the uterus


Product description Product code Unit
Probet (length 262mm ± 3mm) 4164 1 unit = 25 piece

Product facts and notices

  1. Insert Probet through cervical canal while piston is fully engaged in outer tube (‘sheath’) until wall contact is felt, taking into account hysterometry and curvature.
  2. Hold sheath. Pull piston back completely until stopper is reached, in order to create maximum negative pressure within sheath.
  3. Roll sheath between fingers 4 times – while simultaneously moving it
    back and forth inside the uterus – for comprehensive sampling.
  4. Remove device. Cut distal tip just below side opening. Push piston
    back into sheath to expell sample in transport medium.

The medical product carries a CE certificate, is ETO sterilized, MEA and LAL tested.
The device is intended for single use.

Probet is manufactured at Gynétics, Belgium and are subject to a quality management system according to ISO 13485:2003 und ISO 9001:2008.