The denuding pipettes are packed sterile in a box of 6 and can quickly and easily be uncased from the protective wrapping. Sterility and functionality guaranteed for 3 years from time of manufacture. Three different inner diameters of the orifice are available. Specific custom-made articles may be provided.

A Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) result is available for each lot number upon request from our website.

Product code Code I.D. µm Unit
code + I.D. -C (Example: 005-120-C) 005 120, 150 42
code + I.D. -B (Example: 005-180-B) 005 180, 200 42
code + I.D. -A (Example: 005-250-A) 005 250, 300 42

Product facts and notices

  • To meet international standards as well as the requirements of the FDA, the Denuding micropipettes are sterilised by gamma radiation.
  • The Denuding micropipettes are prepared from borosilicate glass tubing.
  • Outer diameter 1.20 mm, inner diameter 0.75 mm, total length 9.50 cm have a blunt opening and are sold straight.
  • For the better distinction of the denuding pipettes the wrappings are colourized according to the diameter: white (120µm – 150µm), grey (180µm – 200µm) and brown (250µm – 300µm).