The GyPetto is the clever and smart pipettor for our denudation pipettes (Denu-Tips).

With its light weight of only 60g and a well-thought-out center of gravity, it is very comfortable to hold. Wipe disinfection is easy thanks to the aluminum surface. During production, we deliberately avoided varnishes and applied colors.

There are no bumps that would make disinfection difficult, not even in the lettering. Our product remains in the best quality even after many uses. During development, we focused on handling and haptics. Denu tips are quickly and easily attached to the plunger of the GY-Petto – and you‘re ready to go. The required amount of sample is drawn in by slowly releasing and can then be ejected again by pressing the plunger.
With this product we round off our existing product range and offer our customers a complete system at a charming price.




Instructions for use (223 KB)