Monitoring of temperature, gas and humidity for your inkubators, dewars, refrigerators and much mor in your laboratories.

The Monitoring-systems mainly consist of a basic station and, depending of the facilities to be monitored, especially designed sensors.

The stand-alone basic station monitors up to 150 sensors concerning different ways of measurement. That means for you a reliable and accurate wired or wireless (433 MHz) monitoring of your sensitive laboratory-equipment such as incubators (even table-top or bench-top incubators) or dewars. The data recorded by the sensors is transmitted wireless to the basic station, stored there and can be displayed grafically. If the measured values deviat the prescribed paramaters by a given amount, the basic station indicates that by an acoustical or optical alarm. Furthermore the system can be configured to inform you by SMS, e-mail or by call.

The basic device has an internal battery, which ensures that the system can continue to work independently for up to 12 hours even in the event of a power failure.

Even a performance qualification (to review the functionality of your devices) and/or a requalification according to your quality-management-system can be realized with this system.

Product facts and notices

The basic station provides the folowing features:

  • the basic station can be run as a stand-alone device or it can be integrated into your local area network (world wide remote access via web-interface)
  • manages up to 120 wireless and wired sensors
  • the recorded data can be viewed as a table or a graph on the display of the device or the data can be exported to common file formats (HTML, csv)
  • automatic backups to your local hard drives (daily/ weekly/ monthly) are optional (–> daily documentation is obsolete!)
  • alarmfunctions via SMS, phone or e-mail if prescribed limits are exceeded or deceeded
  • Internal battery with up to 12 hours of runtime

The following sensors are available (delivered with one transmitter each):

  • temperaturesensor for incubators (with or without cable gland)
  • temperaturesensor for tabel-top/ bench-top incubators (MIRI, Minc, Origio/Planer, Labotect etc.)
  • temperaturesensor for surfaces (e.g. for ICSI-dishes, heating-stages and much more)
  • temperaturesensor for ambient air, refridgerators and freezers (to -80°C)
  • temperaturesensor for liquid nitrogen (dewars for e.g. your vitrified oocytes)
  • sensors for alarm forwarding (volt-free or with an outlet of4-20mA)
  • CO2-sensors for incubators (with or without cable gland)
  • CO2-sensors for Origio/Planer table-top/ bench-top incubators
  • humidity sensors for incubators with cable gland
  • humidity sensors for ambient air
  • sensors for door-switches


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