IVFtech FreyGen ALF Inkubator

The FreyGen ALF IV and VI incubators are designed to protect IVF samples and to ensure opti-mal growth conditions by providing:

• Stable, clean, and turbulence-free atmosphere
• Constant and uniform temperature control – including quick recovery times
• Stable and accurate control of gas levels (CO2 and O2) – including quick recovery times
• Constant alarm monitoring of critical parameters

FreyGen ALF 4- and 6-chamber incubators:




Product facts and notices

• Stable and safe embryo environment
• Alarm feature – including possibility of external alarm monitoring
• Datalogging feature
• Built-in mixing chamber with CO2 and O2 sensors that constantly ensures an
optimal gas mixture with CO2 and N2 input gas – no need for premix gas
• Low gas consumption
• Dedicated gas sampling ports for each chamber
• Clean environment ensured by HEPA & VOC filtered air stream
• Very easy to replace the HEPA & VOC filter
• Easy and intuitive touch screen user interface
• Individual target settings for temperature and gas control
• Easy offset adjustment (calibration) for temperature and gas levels
• Individually heated chambers – individually heated bottom and top pads for maximum temperature stability
• The digital lid displays both lid and chamber temperature and can display patients details
• Each chamber can accommodate 4 (60mm) Dishes or 8 (38mm) Mini Dishes. The trays/inserts can accommodate all major dish brands.
• Medical grade sealing of each chamber protects the samples
• Effortless cleaning due to advanced surface treatment of chambers – this ensures a spotless wor-king environment
• Low steady state power consumption
• Preparation for external pH monitoring (optional)
• Removeable trays/inserts for transportation and ease of cleaning.
• Removable lids for ease of cleaning
• Chambers are independently gas supplied to avoid contamination between chambers
• Easy locking system



Brochure (805 KB)