Innovative Blastocyst Incubation System with Integrated Cell Culturing Monitoring

Utilizing a robust built-in gas mixing system, we have successfully reduced the gas consumption and made our unit to be the most cost-effective time-lapse unit available in the market today. The CCM-iBIS is smaller, smarter and spectacularly more stable than its competitors by a milestone!

Nine small incubation chambers completely separated, securely incubate the embryos without disturbing one another. Each chamber is designed to hold one dish firmly in place, utilizing unique dish holders for maximum stability and steadiness during the entire process.

The upper Lids have been skillfully built with grade A Japanese Steel, curved to perfection, which allows extra room & flexibility to the user, while opening and closing the chambers. (The Red LED Light Source is built & engineered securely into the lid.)


Experience our Time-Lapse Imaging Software, the all new Phototune

We are proud to introduce the all new Phototune (7 years of evolution) that is now the most flexible and easy to use Time Lapse Imaging software developed in its class.
The Phototune allows the user to Create, Edit & Alter every single shot taken by the CCM-iBIS, and produce a movie based on the user’s choice of Lighting, Exposure & Subtitles. This is unquestionably, the most user-friendly time-lapse software released by far and has taken the time-lapse imaging possibilities to a whole new level.



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