Transvaginal Endoscopy


Transvaginal endoscopy combines transvaginal laparoscopy with vagino-cervico hysteroscopy and is designed to explore the female genital tract in patients with infertility.

1. Diagnostic hysteroscopy

The 2.9 mm hysteroscope is inserted without speculum, and an infusion of prewarmed Ringer´s lactate solution is started. The distension fluid dilates the cervical canal and the hysteroscope can be inserted painlessly and atraumatically to inspect the cavum.

2. Transvaginal laparoscopy including salpingoscopy

Aim: Endoscopic exploration of the posterior pelvis and the tubo-ovarian structures under sedation or local anaesthesia through a small needle puncture technique of the pouch of Douglas and using an aqueous solution (Ringer lactate solution) as distension medium.

Product description Product code
TVE Set as recommended by Dr. CAMPO und Prof. GORDTS, bestehend aus:
Puncture Needle, with automatic spring mechanism, diameter 1,5 mm, length 30cm 26182 TA
Dilation Sheath, diameter 3.8 mm, length 30 cm, for use with Puncture Needle 26182 TA 26182TB
Trocar Sheath, with valve, with 1 stopcock, diameter 4.4 mm, length 20 cm, for use with Diagnostic Sheath 26182 D 26182TC
Forward Oblique Telescope 30°, diameter 2.9 mm, length 30 cm, autoclavable 26120 BA
Diagnostic Sheath, with stopcock, diameter 3.7 mm, length 29 cm, for use through Trocar Sheath 26182 TC 26182 D
Changing Rod, diameter 2.9 mm, length 36 cm, for use with Operating Sheath 26182 TG 26182 TD
Operating Sheath, diameter 6.6 mm, length 29 cm, with channel for semirigid 5 Fr. operating instruments, with 1 stopcock and 1 Luer-Lock adapter, with Obturator 26182 TH 26182 TG



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