Information about the implementation of the EU general data protection regulation, as well as about purpose changes in the use of data

The EU data protection regulation (GDPR) coming into effect 25th May 2018 is a regulation of the European Union, which standardises the rules for processing personal data by private companies and public authorities within the whole EU. Thereby the protection of personal data within the European Union shall be ensured on the one hand; on the other the free data exchange within the European Union shall be guaranteed.

The respect of personal data protection as well as of the other privacy of our customers is for us at Gynemed GmbH & Co KG one of the main tasks to guarantee our customers’ faith and to put you in the focus of our work. Therefore we began early to check our conducts of business, procedures and systems concerning the revised legal requirements of the EU data protection regulation (GPDR) and, if necessary, to adjust them toward conformity with law.

The new orders of the EU data protection regulation (GDPR) designate high transparency in data processing and extensive rights for affected people. To fairly grant this right even before the EU data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, we make the required information concerning the processing of your personal data by Gynemed GmbH & Co KG and your rights after 25th May 2018 available.

You may find this information concerning our data protection hints in their current version from now on at our website on: