TransferMan 4m – Eppendorf/Biozol

The Eppendorf micromanipulators combine an intuitive user interface with an unprecedented movement control.

Here are some features of the TransferMan 4m:

  • Unique DualSpeed™ joystick for precise, instantaneous control and positioning using two different speed modes
  • The axial movement ensures the optimal protection of sensitive cells and the lowest possible mortality rate
  • Programmable Z-axis limit for preventing capillary breakage
  • One-hand mounting of capillary holder
  • Swivel out function for easy capillary exchange
  • Easily adaptable to all major microscope models

If you opt for an Eppendorf/Biozol TransferMan 4m manipulator together with the available CellTram oil and air injectors, installation, maintenance and, if necessary, repair will also be carried out by Gynemed’s own certified technicians.

Contact us to receive a quote, arrange a demo if required and obtain further information!



Eppendorf equipment for IVF-TransferMan 4m and CellTram 4m Air/Oil (15 MB)