Direct Heat CO2-Multi-Gas Incubator

1. Direct Heat Temperature Control

Fast and easy set up

2. Air Filter (Optional)

The optional air dust filter for the air inlet of the inner chamber fan captures dust particles circulating inside the chamber effectively. It is available for all models.

3. Dry Heat Sterilization

The DS/DRS models are equipped with the Dry Heat Sterilization Feature, enabling the simple, effective sterilization of the inner chamber after cleaning or changing samples.

4. Auto Setup and Auto CO2 Calibration Functions

With the Auto Setup Function, the unit is ready to use within 12 hours with precisely controlled CO2 concentration. The models equipped with the IR sensor can be calibrated with the optional Automatic Two-Point CO2 Calibration Function. The IR sensor is calibrated regularly to reset the zero point.

5. Wide Variety of Capacities and Features

In addition to the standard CO2 models, new multi-gas models have been introduced to our product lineup! With 2 types of gas control, 2 types of sensor and the Dry Heat Sterilization feature, there are 16 models to choose from, to meet your needs.

6. Stackable

The SCA/SMA series incubators can be stacked in places where space is limited, and yet the Dry Heat Sterilization of one will not affect the performance of others (note: a stacking kit is required for double-stacking).

7. Access Port

The 163 L models come standard with an access port to e.g. introduce cables for external sensors (note: for the 80 L models, an access port can be selected as a factory option).

8. Shelf Doors

The multi-gas models come standard with shelf doors, which are designed to minimize the environmental change inside the chamber by door opening (shelf doors are optional for CO2 models). Note: The number of shelf doors in a set can be selected.





Broschüre ASTEC SCA-SMA Serie (6 MB)