Once having been set, the innovative fan-shaped driver never fails to return to where the pipette tip is supposed to be. The newly installed knob allows a pipette to move along its axis by using traditional and smooth oil hydraulic joystick. This manipulator will spare the laborious work of a pipette alignment with the optical axis, providing more time for objective operation.


Easy attachment of a pipette

The injection holder is provided with an anchor (special clasp) that fits in the driver body, which enables a distance from a pipette tip to the anchor to be in a length. This function can be used for memorizing a regular position so that time for a pipette exchange will reduce and repeated pipette location is precise and stable.


Easy monting on the microscope

A dedicated adaptor for each microscope ( Olympus/ Nikon/ Carl Zeiss/ Leica)has been developed. It needs no adjustment for mounting so that it can be installed at best position without fail.