Cell Culture Dish with glass bottom

  • Optical quality glass bottom for better imaging quality
  • Low sample volume for expensive chemicals
  • Lowest access angle for micropipette
  • Mouse-embryo tested

An inner well is created within the dish by the glass bottom and the tissue culture grade polystyrene which forms the sides of the dish. The FluoroDishs have the advantages of low toxicity and good UV transmission bottom glass. They are individually packed and gamma sterilized.

Excellent for both classical and fluorescence microscopy

The FluoroDish has a flat (0.17 mm thick) optical quality glass bottom, allowing the use of a short objective working distance, large numerical aperture (NA), and a high magnification (up to 100x). The larger NA and higher magnification provide superior quality imaging for both classical and fluorescence microscopy. Higher effective NA yields brighter images for fluorescence and higher resolution in Image Analysis. The glass bottom permits the use of immersion objectives with medium such as water, glycerin or oil for the highest magnification possible. To optimize heat-exchange, FluoroDish is designed to be flush (flat) with the microscope stage or heating unit, therefore eliminating the air gap that exists with modified plastic dishes in which a glass cover slip has been inserted.



  • ID: 47.5mm
  • OD: 49.82mm
  • Glass Diameter Φ: 35mm
  • height (inside): 7.25mm
  • Height (outside): 7.4mm
  • Access angle: 17 degrees


Product description Product code Unit
FluoroDish clear wall 50x35 FD5040-100 1 VE = 100 pcs