CT37stax – Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator

The innovative space saving design of the CT37staxTM incubator provides the highest dish capacity of any benchtop incubator currently available.
The CT37staxTM incubator’s modular design allows it to be preassembled in 3,4,5 and 6 incubation chamber versions, which enables you to purchase an incubator that meets the needs of your specific laboratory. Additional incubation chambers can be purchased and added to the base station ensuring the incubator can grow in line with the laboratory’s capacity. Each individual chamber of the CT37staxTM can be controlled independently. Therefore when chambers are not in use they can be switched off, saving gas and reducing the power required to run the unit resulting in a cost saving for the laboratory.


  • Uses 30% less lab space
  • Capacity for up to 72 petri dishes
  • Capacity for up to 36 patients
  • Individually controlled chambers



Broschure (3 MB)