Clinical Laser 6 Software

The Clinical Laser 6 Software provides the same precise, easy-to-use laser-assisted hatching and embryo biopsy laser application as the legacy software version but features a modern and clean user-interface plus new and enhanced features.

New Features

Compatible with the LYKOS® and ZILOS-tk® Clinical lasers, the new software and hardware features include:

  • Completely redesigned user-interface
  • New high resolution digital camera
  • Integrated database
  • New reporting and ASCII tools
  • Language localization

Product facts and notices

The Clinical Laser 6 Software features redesigned Laser and Embryo panels, and a new Patient Info panel utilizing a clean, modern interface. In addition, the thumbnail image and video gallery has been reconfigured for maximum efficiency. Quick-select Laser mode and Objective menus allow switching between laser control modes and objectives without needing to open up the main control panel.

The Clinical Laser 6 Software comes equipped with a new 5-megapixel digital camera: JAI-GO-5000C. The high resolution, large format JAI camera allows full screen imaging and features Auto Level Control (ALC) that combines auto gain and auto shutter capabilities in an integrated function to optimize auto exposure.


The all new database feature provides the ability to store patient and embryo details and images to database. Once stored, patients can quickly selected from the database for future procedures.

The Clinical Laser 6 Software provides the ability for users to design unlimited reports, using drag and drop fields. All saved data and up to 4 images may be added to the report. For exporting data to other systems, ASCII date may be manually filtered and selected for output from within the software interface.

In addition to new features, previous features have also been enhanced:

  • Increased multipulse enable time
  • Full screen viewing
  • Animated laser target feedback

Increased Multipulse Enable Time

The maximum enable time for multipulse mode has been increased from 60 seconds (1 minute) to 10 minutes so that the user does not need to remove hands from manipulators to re-enable the multipulse laser every 60 seconds.


Full Screen Viewing

The redesigned software permits minimizing the overlay of the GUI (with the exception of the laser control panel) so that the image may be viewed and laser applied at full screen resolution. In addition to viewing the live image at full screen resolution, saved images may be annotated using measurement and image toolboxes at full screen.


Animated Laser Target Feedback

In addition to the standard Blanking option (target disappears), two new visual feedback animations, Pulse (pulsating effect) and Ping (radar ping efffect), are available to display on laser fire.