IVFtech Class II

IVFtech Class II cabinets are designed to protect both the samples and the people working with the samples through recirculating air through the filter without leaving the cabinet. They are custom made to your specifications and suitable for all IVF laboratory procedures such as sperm collection, embryo scoring and transfer preparation .Cabinets are available in 4 sizes: 90, 120, 150 and 180cm, with many options to customize your cabinet further.

With control board with timer to switch on/off the fan and on/off the heated tabletop.

All brands of microscope can be installed, choose between oculars through the front window or a secondary window inside the cabinet, which allows the front window to be closed.

Produktdaten und Hinweise

Products to be used with IVFtech Class II
  • Warming blocks
  • Accessories for humidification
  • Mini incubator


Broschüre Class II (795 KB)

(795 KB)