Round Bottom Tube

5 ml or 14 ml

Short storage of culture media, density gradients or cell culture oil (days)

Collection of follicular fluid (e.g., oocyte collection procedure)

Processing of semen samples (e.g., swim-up technique)

Short storage of processed sperm cells (1 – 4 hours)


  • MEA, LAL & SMA results per LOT
  • Single packed or pouch of 10 pieces
  • Material: Polypropylene (PS)
  • Class IIa Medical Device



Description Nr. de Ref Contenance
Round Bottom Tube 5ml 113515 Boîte de 800 pièces (emballage individuel stérile)
Round Bottom Tube 5ml 113516 Boîte de 180 sachets de 10 pièces
Round Bottom Tube 14ml 113520 Boîte de 600 pièces (emballage individuel stérile)
Round Bottom Tube 14ml 113521 Boîte de 100 sachets de 10 pièces