The ZyMōt chambers from DxNow maybe known to you under the name FERTILE and FERTILE Plus. With the new name ZyMōt they available from us now (or we can help you to get into contact with your distributor).

The ZyMōt chambers are an alternative to the usual sperm preparation which includes the centrifugation. They are easy to use, easy to establish in the lab and save a lot of time. But most importantly the procedure is very gentle for the sperm cells and enables enrichment of progressively motile sperm with significantly reduced DNA fragmentation1.

The ZyMōt is available in three versions. The ZyMōt Multi (850µl) is the most commonly used chamber. This chamber can be used for sperm preparation for ICSI, IUI and IVF. Handling is very easy, since the native ejaculate is injected into the chamber without prior preparation. In the chamber there is a special membrane with micropores through which the motile sperm migrate. This membrane prevents damaged sperm from passing through. A suitable handling medium is applied above the membrane (e.g. GM501 Sperm­Air) in which the sperm cells that have overcome the membrane accumulate. After 30 minutes of incubation, this supernatant is removed and the retrieved spermatozoa can be used directly for the desired application (ICSI, IUI or IVF). According to the manufacturer, the time spent actively preparing sperm is reduced to less than five minutes.

In 2019, Dr. Palermo and his Laboratory were able to confirm in a study, that the use of microfluidic-chambers (here ZyMōt 850 µl) result in perfect genetic integrity in the retrieved spermatozoa and a higher possibility to achieve euploid embryos, if the sperm are used for ICSI.² The ZyMōt chamber was used for the sperm preparation in a small group of patients. These couples already experienced failed ICSI cycles. The following cycles lead to clinical pregnancies in all couples. However, the very small sample size needs to be taken into consideration.

Another group reported a significant increase in the pregnancy after using the FERTILE Plus chamber (ZyMôt 850µl) for the sperm preparation for IUI.³

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1) Broussard et al., Fertility and Sterility, 2019
2) Parrella et al., Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, 2019
3) Gode et al., Fertility and Sterility, 2019

Product description Product code Unit
ZyMōt Multi 850µl ZMH0850 1 VE = 10 piece
ZyMōt ICSI ZIH0002 1 VE = 10 piece
ZyMōt Multi 3ml ZMH3000 1 VE = 10 piece


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