Micromanipulator TrakJector

The TrakJectorTM, a newly developed and “Made in Germany” Micromanipulator from Gynemed/Hamilton Thorne, offers a unique control system for fast and absolute accurate ICSI and biopsy procedures.

  • The AIOtrackball (All-in-one Trackball) in conjunction with the MIUmotOil (Motorized Oil Injection Unit) offers true one-handed operation by controlling both the injection holding pressure and the motorized movement using the trackball and two buttons. Hands stay relaxed on the GELpillow during extended operating sessions.
  • Available in two injector versions:
    our MIUmot Oil allows exact and adjustable dosing of pressure during injection and offers a long-term bubble free workflow with easy refill oil-reservoir. A hands off set up is key for a faster and more reliable workflow. If manual injection units are preferred our newly designed MIUmanOil (Manual Oil Injection Unit) offers outstanding performance with an easy manual refill system.
    Our MIUmanAir (Manual Air Injection Unit) will be available soon.
  • The TrakJectorTM Micromanipulators offer low-maintenance operation, an outstanding ­performance in smooth fine control, precision (tolerance ≤1 µm), speed and mechanical stability. ­Different velocity settings allow balancing between operators and different magnifications.
    The manipulator offers coarse adjustments in all relevant directions.
  • The ability to disengage movement in the y-axis coupled with the superb accuracy allows an injection movement of proper parallelism. Due to its tidy design the manipulators are easy to clean.
  • The TrakJectorTM Microinjection-holder provides a two-step adjustment for the injection and holding angles. The holder offers both coarse and fine adjustments using an easy rotational control.
  • The swing out mechanism permits easy access to micropipettes and together with the automatic HOME function, a fast and reliable way to exchange the micropipettes and bringing them back to the original working position.

The Gynemed/Hamilton Thorne TrakJectorTM fits on all common inverted ­microscopes from Leica, Olympus, Nikon and Zeiss….Contact us for more information.


Technical specifications of TrakJectorTM
Range of all motorized axisRange of all motorized axis 24 mm
Resolution > than 100 nm in one direction
Repeatability < than 1 µm
Velocity up to 16 mm/sec adjustable in 30 steps
Weight of manipulator Units 4,8 kg
Power 100 - 240 V

Product facts and notices

Dear Gynemed

…finally it is back again, the micromanipulator by Luigs& Neumann with its extraordinary precision. Even if through the last couple of years I was complaining about missing my beloved old micromanipulator by Luigs & Neumann this new version named TrakJector nearly solves all issues. Even if the rollers do not have a rubber coating the balls have a very good respond to all movements. The controller box is small and has new keys on it but yet all movements are transmitted very precise and pleasant. The injection process from the immobilization of the Sperm to adjusting the correct pane corresponding to the oocyte is done within seconds and proceeds in a fluent workflow and promises close to 100% success of fertilization. Not least by the manual injection unit or the motorized injection unit controlled by the trackball providing stable suction and expulsion it was even for unexperienced trainees possible to understand and finally carry out the ICSI. The small descriptions of the buttons on the controllers can only be read with glasses but why not learning them by heart J. The temperature controller rose to the desired temperature excitingly fast and kept the set point very stable.

Exchange of pipettes, readjustment and speed are perfect. The very silent motors first of all made me a little bit nervous but like electrically driven cars hardly being noticeable by the ear this acoustic phenomenon does not have any impact on the manipulation. Even if a good sound does have some merit.

3 remarks:

  • The sealings of the micropipette holders should be softer as otherwise you could impair the shaft of the pipettes
  • The scale for the angle-adjustment should be more dinstinct, better in white letters on the micromanipulation holders
  • The three-way valves should be moveable more smoothly. With the oil and plastic they quickly show a hard motion leading to running the risk to produce hairline cracks in the valve and therefore having leakages in the system. Please search the market for alternatives.

Else: totally happy and ready for sales.

Among the trainees the TrakJector arose very high interest in particular as they were able to lay their hands on that device on day 2 after dealing with a very difficult Narishige application at DSF Labcon. I directly referred all of them to Gynemed as I’m not into the pricing. For the next time the HT laser should be installed as well as a lot of requests were there and preferably we should have complete installation of an ICSI workingplace.




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