Thax Findentity

The Findentity-Module „Find“ enables you to find documents, goods and other things by just pressing one button

The objects will be tagged with transponders – batteryless senders, flat as a piece of paper. In each working place or room-entrance an RFID-reader will be placed, automatically reading the transponders and in that way storing the location. Even the simultaneous recognition of a pile of documents, each tagged with a transponder, is possible.

As an alternative active transponders offering a larger range or barcodes and even optical markers can be used for tagging.

The RFID-readers or readers for barcodes or optical markers will be assigned to designated areas.

For each object being recognized by a reader in a designated area, this area will be stored as the location in the findentity data base. If an object is recognized by a reader in a different area this area will be stored as the location.
Each computer having the findentity-module “Find” installed will be able to query the storing location of an object.

Pressing the “Find-Key” will bring up a floor plan displaying the exact location of the object being searched for.

You will have the opportunity to display the history of stored locations of an object even showing the duration for which an object has been stored where, which will enable you to optimize your processes:

  • finding out routes , historic locations and dwelling times of your documents
  • optimizing procedures
  • finding unprocessed/forgotten documents
  • setting up movement-profiles of persons and objects
  • querying statistics

By ticking a location in your floor plan you will be able to search it for documents and objects stored there.
For using the automated identification you will need the additional Findentity module “Ident”.
Findentity is already being used for finding documents in different IVF-clinics as e.g. the Praxisklinik am Gendarmenmarkt and the Fertility Center Hamburg are using it.