CO2 Personal Small – Incubator with IR Sensor

Continuous sterilization by UV lamp – wave length 254 nm. The UV – lamp is in the air circulation exact above the water tank. The complete gas atmosphere circulates over the lamp and will be sterilized without harmful ozone.

  • Casing stainless steel, protection against aggressive fluids
  • Incl. two adjustable stainless steel shelves, all inner parts can be dismantle
  • With water tank for relative humidity of max. 95%
  • Visual / acoustic alarm messages assure optimal safety
  • Parameters once set are not changed during power failure
  • gas isolated safety double glass door
  • door safety system per potential-free contact

Product facts and notices

  • Continous UV-sterilization
  • Compact dimensions
  • Precise, reproducible environmental conditions guarantied by microprocessor-control
  • The new air circulation combined with the innovative heating guarantees high temperature accuracy
  • User friendly touch-control panel, easy to clean
  • Easeness of interior cleaning
  • 12 V available
Dimensions- ext. 334x345x440 mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions- int. 260x275x275 mm (WxHxD)
Input voltage 230 V/ 50/60 Hz (12 V und 120 V on demand)
Weight 20 kg
Connected load 100 VA
CO2 Gas pressure 1 bar 0,1
Digital Display LCD-Display
Temperature range 5°C above RT up to 40°C
Temperature accuracy 0,2°C, microprocessor controlled
CO2 range

selektive infrared absorption 0-20%, standard setting 5%

infrared measurement(Flow Rate: 0-20ml/min)

microprocessor controlled, attack time max. 15 sek.

Safety features according to VDE-regulations, protection class I, CE-marked