With a sensitivity of 96% and specificity of 91% SwimCount provides an excellent performance for measuring the
number of motile sperm per ml.

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SwimCount self test 1001.2 1 Test

Product facts and notices

There are two chambers in the device and only motile sperm can move from one chamber into the other. Once in the second chamber the sperm are stained with a dye which produces the colour in the result window. The more motile sperm in the sample, the stronger the purple colour will be.
There are several factors influencing male fertility. This test is designed to check one of these factors. The test measures the number of swimming (motile) sperm cells per ml semen sample.
This is called the concentration of motile sperm cells/ml. The chance of making a woman pregnant in a natural way naturally increases with the number of motile sperm cells (up to a certain




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