For the denudation and handling of oocytes and/ or embryos.

With the Microdispenser you can variably adjust smallest volumes of 0,05 µl to 5 µl in steps of 0,05 µl, consequently you can use the pipettor for diverse procedures.

Due to being abel to exchange wearing parts like o-rings, the Microdispenser has got a very long durability.

The associated pipette-tips are flexible, durable and do not scratch the ground of culture dishes, like it can happen with glass pipettes.

Product code Unit
Microdispenser 1

Product facts and notices

  • Determine the purpose you want to use the Microdispenser for and choose the corresponding diameter of the pipette-tips.
  • Adapt the needed volume of the Microdispenser  to each pipette-tip.
  • Attach the chosen pipette-tip to the Microdispenser and mount it with the knurled-head screw. The system is now ready for work.