Lighthouse Partikelzähler

The particle counters SOLAIR 3100/5100 are modern devices using the latest technology regarding optics and electronics for reliable and durable operation. The utilised IR-laser-diode has got an average lifetime > 20 years.

With their modern Li-Ion battery and its external power supply the particle counters are extremely light-weight. The stainless steel housing can easily be cleaned and disinfected. With the coloured touch screen display the devices can easily be operated and configured. Up to 50 different procedures can be programmed and assigned to different reading points. Up to 3.000 measurements can be stored.
All data can be transferred to a PC (Ethernet/RS485) or stored on a USB-drive. The SORAIR 3100/5100 has got an integrated printer for printing the results of measurements right away.
Can be used for Manifold-Monitoring-Systems.

Product facts and notices

  • smalles particle size:

Solair 3100: >0,3 μm

Solair 5100: >0,5 μm

  • dynamic rang up to 25 μm
  • 1.0 cf/min (28,3 l/min) samplevolume
  • qualified for  ISO 21501-4-calibrations
  • disposable, rechargeable Li-Ionen-battery
  • simultaneous display of up to eight counted particle sizes
  • fulfills demands of JIS
  • enclosed stainless steel housing
  • up to eight analogue sensors can be connected
  • 14.5 cm colour display (touch screen)
  • German menu
  • integrated printer
  • Storage for 3.000 measurements
  • acoustical alarm
  • datatransver to PC
  • zoomable display
  • 2 year warranty (5 years as an option)