IUI Plus

  • The IUI Plus is designed for patients in whom passing the cervix is difficult.
  • The IUI Plus is a set consisting of two parts, a transfer catheter and a mandrel.
  • The use of the positioner guarantees a precise introduction into the uterine cavity according to the previously determined length.
  • Two lateral ports at the distal tip of the catheter allow an optimal dispersion of the spermatozoa.
  • The marking on the grip indicates the position of the lateral ports.
  • The flexible form guarantees an optimal fit to the anatomy of the uterus.
  • A marking (6-7 cm from the distal tip) in combination with the positioner helps with the correct placement of the catheter.
  • A Luer-Lock allows an easy to use adaption to common syringes.
Product description Product code Unit
Inseminationskatheter Plus 4220 Plus 1 Unit = 25 piece

Product facts and notices

Length catheter: 216 mm (± 2 mm)

Length mandrel: 240 mm (± 2 mm)

Outer diameter catheter: 1,60 mm (± 0,10 mm)

Outer diameter mandrel: 1,00 mm (± 0,05 mm)

The medical product carries a CE certificate, is gamma irridated and tested for endotoxines. The device is intended for single use.

The insemination catheters are manufactured at Gynétics, Belgium and are subject to a quality management system according to ISO 13485:2003 und ISO 9001:2008.


  • Firmly attach a syringe (preferably 5ml or 3ml) with the plunger fully depressed, to the adaptor at the proximal end of the catheter.
  • Draw 1.0 ml of air into the syringe to guarantee that the entire sampel is immersed into the uterine cavity during insemination (volume of dead space in the catheter 0,42 mm3).
  • Adjust the positioner according to the previously determined depth and direction of the uterus.
  • Gently introduce the catheter with the mandrel until the positioner reaches the external cervical os.
  • Having reached the desired position rotate the catheter until the marking on the grip is on top.This orients the two lateral ports at the distal end of the catheter within the uterine cavity toward the uterine ostia.
  • Having retracted the mandrel gently immerse the suspension with the spermatozoa into the unterine cavity.
  • Slowly withdraw the catheter from the uterus