Low-frequency oscillations and vibrations between 4 to 10 Hz, caused by building work or movement in a building (people walking about, lifts, machines) as well as by traffic (trains, trams, trucks) can be transmitted to sensitive devices like micromanipulators or measurement instruments.
To help eliminate this problem, Gynemed offers anti-vibration tables, that reduce 98 % of these type of vibrations, due to the special construction of the table tops and bearings.
The tables are adjustable to different working heights and can be levelled out. The table top is made of granite and measures 120 x 70 x 10 cm. It is high gloss polished on 5 sides and the edges are bevelled. It is available in several natural colors.The table top is fixed down onto the basic frame at four points forming a unit that is uneffected by vibrations coming through the building. Total weight 275 kg. Special dimensions on request.